What I do

A few things I have done

Communications strategy, Toborrow

Toborrow is Sweden's first digital marketplace for business loans, where anyone can lend money directly to small businesses. There were two main goal's to our communication. The primary goal was to reach and convert lenders and borrowers to the plattform. The second one was to enforce the perception of Toborrow as an innovative solution to an important problem. The high point was probably when Per Bolund, Minister of Financial Markets, came to our office. Much of the credit for making that happen also goes to Toborrows excellent CEO Sofie.

Transparency rules, Swedish corporate bond market

The Swedish corporate bond market has always been small and somewhat dysfunctional. This needed to change as Swedish corporations became more dependent on capital market financing following new bank regulations. We discovered that there was a rule set which Finansinspektionen (Swedish FSA) was not enforcing, which would have improved price transparency on the corporate bond market. After a long period of convincing, Finansinspektionen started enforcing it's rules to the detriment of no one but the bond traders.

Ghost writer, to many op-eds to count

I have written, edited and contributed to far to many op-eds to remember. Almost all of them have been in other people's names. Here is one example of an article I wrote for Svenskt Näringslivs previous CEO, Urban Bäckström. He's retired now, so hopefully he's alright with me revealing myself as the writer.